Re: Power Pulleys for 98....+ electric fan info

From: Bruce Bridges (
Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 16:28:06 EDT

I posted a bit on this topic earlier (not through yet) but, I dont reccomend
the pusher puller type arrangement. You will be unduely restricting the
central air flow at speed since 80mph through your grill flows a lot more
that a fan can. additionally, you wont be "doubling" your airflow with both
fans running but essentially "luffing" (non engineering term) one of the
fans due to the negative back pressure caused by the one in front. Two fans
side by side are much more effective. This comes from personal experience
on my 440 powered interceptor. The previous owner had but a fan on either
side of the radiator and I sure hated stopping @ idle for very long. All of
the current draw and little cooling to be had.
At 02:58 PM 6/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Thats what I can't really decide. It may be a one or the other type thing.
>But if I could do both, it would be nice to do it all at once. Less
>downtime and all. Still hoping to find someone who has already succeeded
>in doing something of this nature....Also thought about the dual fan setup
>(pushing and pulling) but until I can determine the cfm of the
> there a formula to compute cfm of a given fan? Would my
>dealer be able to tell me?
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>>But if you do the fan , do you really need the pulleys ?
>>At 02:12 PM 6/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>>Well, I had thought of the extra draw as well, but I figure the extra draw
>>>would never use as much HP as the stock fan. I also have thought about
>>>going with one of the lighter, aluminum flex fans to free up HP, but the
>>>electric just seems like a cool idea. Now I might have some problems if I
>>>went with power pulleys and the electric fan (with the alternator having
>>>work a lot harder to pull the fans also) but I figure my RT has the HD
>>>alternator, so I might be OK.
>>>My main question is what flow I will need. I have no idea what kind of
>>>my original fan is capable of, but expect the electric would need at least
>>>that amount.
>>>BTW, installed my 180 degree thermostat today (even if some on the list
>>>the engine produces more HP with hotter combustion chambers (kinda makes
>>>wonder why draggers allways want to cool down between runs though)) and
>>>gauge shows noticeably cooler.
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>>>Date: Monday, June 15, 1998 1:22 PM
>>>Subject: Re: DML: Power Pulleys for 98....
>>>>I was thinking about the fans for my R/T as well , but I guess my main
>>>>concern is the the draw from the fans .

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