Re: Airaid now available for Dakotas!!

Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 00:46:14 EDT

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> I saw the one for the Ram. How can you get 15 more horses when the thing
> is up against the fender well? Isn't the K&N FIPK clone (see my webpage
> gettting more air? A price of 239.00
> seems a little high compared to the clone which probably gets just as
> much air. Any thoughts?
> Dave
> '97 Dakota Sport CC V8/5-spd 4x4
> K&N FIPK clone
> Gibson dual cat-back
> >>
>I haver the same concern. The filter is tucked back against the firewall on
>the Ram. If it's the same on the Dak, that's about the hottest place under
>the hood, isn't it?
>'98 Dakota Sport CC V8/Auto 4x2
>K&N drop-in / Magnaflow cat back
 Well , like I said , the Airaid people are saying 13HP gain on the dyno for
 the 5.2 Dakota .
 W . Jack Hilton III

I guess we can all sit like birds on a fence rail and wait to see who springs
the $250+ first and how it works.

'98 Dakota, etc.

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