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Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 01:48:11 EDT

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Date: Wednesday, June 17, 1998 4:07 PM
Subject: DML: High Flow Cat Noise

>Ok well I got a high flow cat put on my Dak after a weekend of four
>wheeling I broke something internally in my cat convertor. I figured why
>get a high flow on put on so I did.....well now I can't open my rear
>sliding window cause of the obnoxious noise coming from my cat. The noise
>is coming from the cat though the space between the cab and the bed
>I took it back cause I thought there was a leak, but no dice, its just
>plain LOUD. I dont mind rumble loud, but this is annoying loud. I was
>thinking about fabricating some type of "cover" plate to go over the cat.
>Is there any product out there I can "wrap" the cat in the try to quiet
>it down? Or should I try to make a metal plate that goes over the top
>of the cat and hovers about the cat????? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!THANKS!
>BTW the cat does make hammering the pedal alot more enjoyable :)

Make a sheild out of sheet metal you may not want to wrap a cat as they get
hot all on there own. Mabye get a bit of that dynamat stuff and put it on
the backside
of the shield.


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