Re: steel cowl induction hoods

From: W. Jack Hilton III (
Date: Fri Jun 19 1998 - 15:36:56 EDT

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>W. Jack Hilton III wrote:
>> #
>> I just got an e-mail from Prestigious that says they are going to have a
>> steel cowl induction hood for the '98 Dakota .
>> They also told me that the steel hood is lighter than a fiberglass hood .
>> How in the hell do they figure that ?
>> Jack Hilton
>> '98 CC R/T "Black Death"
>I wouldn't doubt the steel could be lighter than the 'glass hood.
>Depends on the 'glass construction. A flimsy one might come in lighter,
>but a well built, properly reinforced job can weight quite a bit.
>Prestigious says they are just reselling the Reflection hood. Couldn't
>give me an availability date.

Bob -

Never heard of Reflection , ya think when it's introduced they might have a
cheaper price ? I think all of the Prestigious hoods are $399 .

>From the looks of the pictures , there are a bunch of steel underhood
braces obstructing the cowl opening and not giving any underhood clearance
advantages .
Jack Hilton

'98 CC R/T "Black Death"

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