Modded the R/T

Date: Sun Jun 21 1998 - 15:17:30 EDT

Well, with my wife on call and working nights this weekend, a lot of my
plans fell through. I did some little chores around the house, and then
got the itch to look under the hood of the R/T. I have been wanting to
wait before starting the mods, because I wanted to get a good baseline at
either the strip or the chasiss dyno. Haven't had a chance to do either.

Well, today I fixed up a sort of ram air system for the R/T. I am still
using the stock airbox, with the factory original filter (only 450 miles
on the truck), but it is ram air, just the same. I took the little
plastic duct work that routes air from the fender to the airbox intake,
removed it (man! what a chore, and MAN! are those factory horns
small!). I cut it where the larger diameter rings are located
(baffling?), turned it around and pushed it through the air box
backwards. Onto this short neck, I attached some duct hose (off some
car, I have long ago forgotten what it came off of) and routed it to the
rubber flap that covers the hole between the radiator and the right side
of the radiator support. I cut a hole so that the duct just fits, and
viola! instant ram air! It is very tough to see with the hood down.
Haven't even driven the truck yet, can't wait to get the chance.

I figure I can run this way until I; 1. get a baseline performance test,
and 2. finally decide on which intake system to go with. I really like
the ram air on my SS, and want to run something like that. I just need
to look around some more to see what system looks the best (i.e. most
like a factory install)/performs the best. This'll do 'till then.

Happy modding!

Gene Beaird
98 Flame Red CC R/T

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