Re: Jacobs ignition-anybody running it?

From: Andre Mauboussin (
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 11:23:32 EDT

Several listmembers have run the Jacobs magnum with disappointing
results that have been verified using elctronic accelerometers. I
beleive the latest test showed a decrease in horsepower of about 17. I
own a Jacobs Ultra team setup and have disconnected it until I can get
to the dragstrip and do back to back performance testing. BTW, other
members have also tried the MSD setup with similar results. Apparently,
Chrysler has got the factory ignition system well optimized. Spend your
money on the Mopar performance SBEC or good ehaust work. These will get
you the most performance for the $$$.

Andre Mauboussin
95 Dak 14.70@94.5mph

Joseph Dick wrote:

> Any DML ers running the Jacobs Magnum ignition system on their 98 or
> 97s ? Any feedback is appreciated.
> Joseph Dick
> Assistant Coordinator Network Availability
> Southeastern Louisiana University
> Hammond, La 70402
> ph 504.549.5432 fax 504.549.5900
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