Re: Jacobs ignition-anybody running it?

From: Mike Catlin (
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 21:47:46 EDT

> Any DML ers running the Jacobs Magnum ignition system on their 98 or 97s ?
> Any feedback is appreciated.
> Joseph Dick


I have a 98 R/T here's my own experience with this ignition
take it for what it's worth this is just what I experienced.
I purchased the entire set up "Pro street" with a guaranteed
14 HP increase and 10% more torque so they told me. It cost
me $641.85. Well let me tell you I LOST 10 HP. I even installed
it twice thinking I had done something wrong. I had installed
it correctly. If I hadn't taken measurements before and after with
the G-Tech I wouldn't have known it was actually costing me HP. I
even gave it the benefit of the doubt by running it a while so the
computer could adjust so I thought. I tested it in the same
atmospheric conditions to be fair. I then bypassed the Jacob's
ignition and took readings again (It takes 2 minutes to bi pass)
and found I had higher HP readings without the Jacob's. On a side
note the so called "poor" stock ignition didn't miss a beat even though
I had the plugs gapped at 55 thousands when all this testing was
being done. What a joke and waste of time AND Money. When I sent
the entire setup back I lost $116.30 plus the shipping it took to
send it back. When I asked how come the charge they said they have
a 10% restocking charge plus you loose the original shipping charge
also. Well that's my 2 cents or should I say $116.30 plus shipping.

Mike Catlin

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