Re: Cowl vs. Snout was: Open Element Air Cleaners

From: W. Jack Hilton III (
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 15:42:58 EDT

the way I see it , if the air gets sucked out , more air has to be sucked
in the engine compartment to replace it .

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>At 04:33 AM 6/23/98 , you wrote:
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>><< I'm going cowl all the way. Anyone know of a place that sells
>> em'? Cheap?
>> >>
>>You do know that if you go only cowl, that all youre doing is exiting
some of
>>the hot air and not taking in any cool air right? Cowl creates an
>>vacuum at the base of your front glass and sucks out the hot air. Thats why
>>Im doing both on the same hood. Two scoops for cool direct air and the
>>to suck out the hot stuff!!
>Far be it for me to question someone who (probably) knows more about this
>than I do, but can this be right? If cowl induction only exits under hood
>air and doesn't take anything in, how come NASCAR racers all use cowl
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