From: jules (
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 19:14:43 EDT

Rader wrote:
> > Just for the sake of clarity, since most people here know FIPK as the round
> > type K&N, why not call the newer cone/tube type FITK (Fuel Injection Turbo
> > Kit)?
> Because K&N themselves don't distinguish the various types of FIPK. Many
> people seem to be confusing the round open-element FIPKs for the pre-'97 Dakotas
> with the plenum and cone-element FIPKs that are built for late-model Mustangs,
> etc.(quite possibly for '97+ Daks, nobody has confirmed).

we do full 14" on all models but 8.0s to include 97/98 3.9s!


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