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Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 20:56:40 EDT

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<< From what I've seen , the 3.9 is basically a 318 with two cylinders lopped
 off the front of it . I don't know for sure , but I would guess that the
 mounts are the same as well and maybe even the trans bellhousing pattern .
the 3.9 is a 5.2-2cyl. Your guess is right, the mounts are the same, the 2
cyl are lopped off of the front, that would explaine the huge fan shroud on
the 6's. You would however have to change the wire harness. Your harness
only has 6 wires for the injectors, unless you could find a way to splice in
the extra 2 and any others you might be short on!! I switched from 5.2 to 5.9
with only oil pan mod and a flywheel change. Infact, I have the same exhaust,
and computer with intake and throttle body mods and went from a 14.8 to a
14.2 with motor swap. The biggest benefit is that the 5.9 will respond better
to every other mod that I do than the 5.2 ever could (unless you bored and
stroked it).
  If you are interested if anyone has some type of wiring kit for it call
Terry at Bouchillon performance @ (803)-744-6559. He's the guy that answered
all my questions before I did mine.

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