Re: oil weights

Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 21:28:34 EDT

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<< I would be interested in knowing what each person's preference in oil is
 and in what part of the country they live so we know what type of climate
 it works well in . >>

I live in Wichita KS. At my last change I used Castrol syntec 10w30. I have
found a couple of drips in the garage from this oil. Also it pushed itsself up
around the pcv grommett, and the oil fill cap on my Magnum Performance valve
covers. The engine only has 16000 on it, and never leaked before. Noticed it
after running the engine hard at the track.
Temp extremes: coldest during the winter I have seen in the 2 yrs here was -10
F, and the hottest was last saturday 108 F.

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