Re: 5-Speed Gearing

Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 15:26:45 EDT

>When I test drove a RT it turned 2000rpm at 60mph with a 3.91 rear end.
>I'm wondering what RPM a 5-Speed V-8 97 or 98 Dak turns at 60 mph in
>fifth gear? Please let me know your rear end gear and tire size along
>with the rpm.

I know you are looking for V8's but heres a data point on my 97

At 60 MPH I'm turning 2000 r's in 5th gear. I have a 3.55 SG
differential and the optional 15x8 rims with original rubber.

>Also did anybody ever measure the size of their RT's rear sway bar?

Can't help ya there ...

Later on,



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