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Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 23:58:16 EDT

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<< I am
 more concerned with getting the most bang for my truck and dual sounds like
 the way to go.
         I do have one question though. When I go dual do I have to get it made at
 a muffler shop or is there anywhere that I can get a dual exhaust kit?
 Bruce >>

You will most likely get a better gain from a well designed y-pipe and cat
back system, especially on a stock truck.

You will have to get one custom bent, too... then there's sensor location ???
where are you going to place your O2 sensor(s) ?? .. this is all something you
have to take into consideration as your truck is computer controlled.

Another thing, when you run true duals.. you gotta buy two mufflers.. then add
in custom bending, and flanges and whatnot.. gaskets.. say $100-120 for the
mufflers if you use Flowmasters, plus another $150-250 from the muffler shop
to run new pipe from the motor back. Add in alittle more if you want a custom
crossover pipe fabricated.. You'll probably lose MPG too. There goes the bang
for the buck theory on that mod... :) I'd only consider this an option if you
cannot fiend a suitable flowing exhaust for your particular application ..


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