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From: Jon Steiger (
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 21:15:22 EST

At 02:03 PM 3/24/99 , you wrote:
>How much extra should we include if we want a 'non-standard' color for
>our DML sticker? Thanks Jon for all the work you put into this. Can't
>wait to 'brand' my Dak.

  Unfortunately, there's no way to tell without actually checking with the
shop. Mostly, it depends on the price of the vinyl in question, and if you
want something that they don't have in stock, it'll be a lot more since
they don't like to order "unpopular" colors just to sell 1 or 2 stickers,
because they'll have their money tied up in a roll of vinyl that'll
probably never get used again...

  Some colors might not cost extra (I *think* blue and yellow would be the
same price as the "standard" black, red, white, silver), but most special
colors will be extra. I wish I could give you a #, but I can't. If you
really want a custom color, you'll have to let me know what color you're
interested in; I can check on pricing and availability and then get back to


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