Re: How does the Dak monitor intake air quantity/volume?

From: Mike D. (
Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 15:20:56 EDT

>>>How does the Dak measure intake
air volume? I don't see a MAF along the intake. If it is a Speed
Density system aren't we running the risk of being too lean as mods are
added? Isn't this a little dangerous on a vehicle that is prone to
detonate already (in its stock configuration)? Doesn't this mean that
all the gains that are seen with exhaust systems and intakes, can they
be greater if the computer could fully adjust for them?<<<

our beloved daks have a MAP sensor that is located on the TB itself. The
computer does monitor every little thing, but with every mod, you sorta'
have to conteract it. Like, if you do exhaust, you have to do an intake
to make things even, or the computer will grow suspicious. The O2 sensor
can be your friend sometimes. When you add an intake mod, it'll give you
more fuel becuase he O2 sensor detects more air than it is told and tells
the computer to compensate. This only goes so far, tho. Mopar Performance
usually has a computer out with a better fuel curve and stuff like that.
This computer works better with mods and is more tolerant of mods. Also,
there are in-line chips and modules that you can buy that help too. Some
people have also thought of ways to fool the computer into believing one
thing, while something else is goin' on (things like relocating
temperature sensors to other parts of the engine). The real funny thing
about our computers is that they run in an Open-Loop mode at WOT, and no
matter what the computer has done to adjust to your mods, it ignores that
info and runs on a set fuel and ignition curve. So, with that in mind,
the truck will like some mods more at WOT and others at cruising speeds
and normal driving... it's really funny how it works, but somehow we
manage to squeeze some serious power out of these trucks (even my Premag
6er is starting to show potential)

-mike d.
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