Re: V8 Chubby S-10

Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 21:51:45 EDT

>I have a friend who has a cousin that apparently bought a 2000 chevy S-10
>RC with a 305 V8 and 5 speed. Is this for real? I hadn't seen any articles
>in the mags about this. Has anyone. If this is true it should be pretty
>quick - light weight and 5 speed.

According to Mark McPhail, an engineer at GM Motorsports, GM is having
enough problems meeting CAFE standards with all the full-sized trucks
they are selling. Although they would REALLY like to sell a V-8 S-10,
don't look for a S-10 with a V-8 from the factory for some time.

Gene Beaird
98 Flame Red CC R/T
95 DGGM Impala SS

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