Re: Whats up with plug gaps, and some other stuff.

Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 16:57:28 EDT

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<< Okay, back to my question.
 I have an electric fan, jet pulleys, jet thermostat, jet stage II, 52mm TB,
 billet spacer, My Filter kit, JBA Y pipe, Headers, and a Flowmaster 2
 MSD 8.5s and the Accel coil........
 Stock Gap is 40, I had opened it up to 55 but mileage took a dump. What gap
 should I try next.....I was going to try a colder plug, but its all getting
 confusing. Any ideas?

The only 'performance mods I have done are MSD 8.5MM Super Conductors, Accel
Super Coil, Champion Truck Plugs, MSD 6-Offroad Ignition Box, and Borg Warner
Select Brass Cap and Rotor, and a 2stage Amsoil Air Filter. After putting the
MSD box on, I opened the spark plug gap up from .035 to .050, and noticed no
increase or decrease in city gas mileage, but did notice an increase in
highway mileage. I get about 50-75 miles more per tank now. I am going to try
a smaller gap this weeked when I take the plugs out to see if they need to be
93 Dakota 4x4 V6

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