Re: CompCam or Hughes Cam vs. Emissions?

From: Gary Shook (
Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 18:41:54 EDT

It all depends on your reason... whoever told you that it wasn't necessary
is probably going on the fact that you will NOT exceed the lift limitation
(though it's close) of the stock springs, but if you want to rev past the
factory design limit of the stock springs (which is going to be degraded by
the higher lift), then upgrade the springs.... so in short, if you want to
rev high enough (reliably) to use your new cam, get the new springs.

><< They said if it makes me feel better to
> go ahead and do them, but they weren't necessary. >>
>I would definately replace the valve springs, even with a roller rocker
>change. Even the R/T spring isn't that tough, it's only rated to lifts up
>.520", so you're pushing it if you run the .512" lift Comp Cam like I do.
>FWIW - I just broke one of my R/T springs, so, a spring upgrade might be in
>everyone's best interest if they haven't already :-)

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