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From: Bob Tom (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 08:01:47 EDT

At 01:06 AM 8/19/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I guess I bought my R/T for different reasons than some! I wanted a fun
to drive
>vehicle that could, if I wanted it to, take my lawnmower to the shop or
move a
>matress, etc, and I wanted a good looking truck that was reliable and
>priced. Well my R/T is all these things to me and more and I love it. I
have had
>it 10 months and have a little over 10k miles on it. I have had to
replace the
>fog light switch twice and that aint much of a problem to me. U see I
owned a
>Syclone for 7 years and the extended warranty spent 28,000.00 in repairs
>3 new engines and 2 transmissions just to name a few. Before that I owned
a f150
>that had to have the mainbearings replaced after only 49k miles. I also
owned a
>89 Shelby dak that I sold to a local woman who is still driving it with
over 150k
>miles and she says it gives very little trouble. So fuss all you want but
>trucks are the only ones I have ever had any luck with.
>My R/T may not be the fastest veichle on the planet but I bet I am still
>it when those other hot rods are in the junkyard.

Agree 110% with your description but why do R/T owners have such a
difficult time
calling their trucks D A K O T A s? Remove the R/T reference in your
and aren't you describing a Dakota?

Burlington, Ontario

'97 CC Sport, 5.2L, 3.55, auto., 4x2, flame red

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