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Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 08:01:33 EDT

At 11:37 PM 8/18/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Ok, after everyone posted info concerning that I can swap out my 3.55 gears,
>after lifting my Dak and running 32's on both diffs, and put in 4.10 or even
>4.56's, basically you are all wrong. Not one company makes a taller gear
>ratio for Gen II 4WD Daks, other than Mopar. The highest you can go with Gen
>II 4WD Daks is 3.90, that is it. Now, I would assume you could go much
>than that if you own a Gen II 2WD Dak, since there is only one diff to worry
>about, and its a 8 1/4 at that. I have called over 10 gear companies
>nationwide, and trust me, 3.90 is the tallest.

For information only.

4.56 and 4.10 are not taller gears than 3.55 gears. They are lower gears
than the 3.55. Lower gears are higher numerically; they provide more of a
mechanical advantage and 'cause' the engint to spin more rpm per mph than
taller gears. Taller gears are lower numerically; they provide less
mechanical advantage and 'cause' the engine to turn less rpm per mph
than lower gears. Hence the 4.10:1 gears are taller than the 4.56:1 gears,
but lower than 3.55:1 gears.

A gear ratio is the number of teeth on the driven gear (ring) divided
by the number of teeth on the drive gear (pinion). E.G. if the ring
rear has 37 teeth and the pinion gear has 9 teeth, the ratio is 4.11:1
That means that every one turn of the ring gear, the pinion will turn
4.11 times.

Tall gears (numerically lower) are also referred to as high gears, shallow
gears, fast-ratio gears, less gear or loose gears.

Low gears (numerically higher) are also called short gears, deep gears,
show-ratio gears, stoplight gears, more gear and tight gears.

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