Re: Concern with underdrive pullies

Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 00:33:54 EDT

Yea. I just did. I think my truck's burning oil. "This soon?" i put 3.5
quarts in and always fill the oil filter and i checked the oil today and it
was a bit below the fill mark and the oil was JET black and dense. So i
changed the oil. The filter looked pretty bad. I don't know if it helped.
but Mobil 1 5w-30was in there. I put 4 quarts in this time just to be safe,
but i looked at the dipstick and it went past the safe, into the "do not
overfill" mark.

<< Dester, I've been running underdrive's and so are a lot of other guys,
 problems. You have to look at what else Autozone screwed up when they
 installed your pulleys. The oil pump is mechanical and I'm not sure how the
 guage senses pressure. If I saw my oil guage go to 0, I'd be concerned.
 Change oil and filter, recheck it..
         Ted O. >>

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