Re: ASP alt pulley Help please

From: gmvega (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 00:58:40 EDT

Which direction are the threads on the alternator pulley, right or
Gilbert Vega '98 BL CC R/T

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Date: Wednesday, August 25, 1999 3:19 PM
Subject: Re: DML: ASP alt pulley Help please

>You need an impact tool for the nut, take the alt. off and go to your
>local Pep Boys (or other auto service center), and have them spin off
>the old pulley, and spin on the new pulley. Most places should do it
>for no charge... Then buy your belt from them (95K something).
>Sam '99 RT w/ASP pulleys
>--- wrote:
>> OK I went to instal my pulley and I cant get the nut
>> off. First of all It is
>> the 7/8 Th. nut and not that real small one correct?
>> Second, the belt just
>> moves and not the nut. How can I stop from actually
>> turning the alternator
>> and just turn the pulley? What is the trick?
>> Josh
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