Re: Shaker Hood, CFM Comparisons, Questions..Sorry Long

From: Patrick Delgado (
Date: Tue Aug 31 1999 - 15:40:09 EDT

Anyone interested in experimenting with NACA ducts can find them in Summit.
They're made for circle track racers by Howe Racing Enterprises($30ea). They
are designed to pull air from the laminar boundary layer without inducing
much drag. If mounted right at the trailing edge of the hood, air will be
rammed into it just as it would for any openning(scoop). Further back on the
hood, about 1 ft(?) from the base of the windshield, it will function as
designed. One thing to keep in mind(for dual installs) is that at some point
the airflow splits with some going over the windshield and some going to the
sides pass the windows; The ducts should be installed parallel to airflow.
Dr. Pat
>From: KURTZ ERIC <>
>Subject: Re: DML: Shaker Hood, CFM Comparisons, Questions..Sorry Long
>Date: Tue, Aug 31, 1999, 4:08 AM

> The Viper Hood scoop is called a NACA duct. It works good on a Viper
> because of its aerodynamics, but Im not to sure how it well it work on
> our trucks.
> Eric
> Jeff Durling wrote:
>> snip>

 BTW, it might not look good though but what about one of the
> vents at the very front of
>> the hood that the Viper GTS uses to force feed air? I know it delivers
> alot of air for the v-10

> Jeff Durling
>> '96 RC Sport

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