Re: RE: Re: Throttle Stops vs. Idle adjustment screws

Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 23:18:52 EST

When you turn the distributor. It does not affect ignition timing. Don't
ask me why. I have first hand experience with that not working. Hooked it
up to a snap on scan tool and it was running CRAPPY timing jumped between 13
and 26 every 1/2 a second. anyways. with "fuel syncronization" (basically
distributor position) adjusted, I switched back and forward between screens
and timing was STILL screwed. Tell me how you get your timing fixed. I just
ordered a timing chain set from napa, because I get a great discount for
school there, and it came out to be 41.??

<< You're affecting the injector timing as well....yes Pat, I know.
 It's an example that still applies to other vehicles though.
 - Bernd >>

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