Re: Update-it won't start

Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 22:56:11 EDT

More "food for thought" A stock computer for my 97 dakota costs 400 bucks.
He's correct by a performance computer being cheaper. I think some members
are paying lower 300 bucks for it?

<< He said that he is surprised that it really is bad. He said he has seen
 many computers replaced but this is the first one that was really bad.
 (been working on Mopar for about 30 years) Don't know yet what it will
 cost to replace. He said he can beat any price I get. Will know
 tomorrow. He is going to try to get a performance PCM (supposed to be
 cheaper also).
 I want to thank the people that tried to help me out. Your messages help
 to reinforce my thoughts at the very least. Thanks.
 Dave G.
 94 Sport 3.9L 5spd

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