Re: Overheating

From: Jon Smith (
Date: Sat Jun 16 2001 - 01:08:02 EDT

verify wether the fluid is water or coolant. I would suspect a leaky
heater core, but in some instances it can be water due to a plugged A/C
drain backing up...

On 2001.06.15 23:37 Ray Sulich wrote:
> Took the truck out this afternoon and all of a sudden my 6 year old son
> tells me that water is leaking into the truck. I looked at what he was
> pointing to, and yes water was leaking into the truck. I had the AC on
> but
> this was alot of water (no rain going on). I got home and noticed the
> truck was idling really high. I glanced at the temp meter, and found it

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