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Magnusson-Moss Act - Covers aftermarket parts installed on a vehicle.

- Bernd

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It is my understanding that there is a law, do not remember name I'll
search later, that states something along the lines that if a
dealer/manufacture deams an aftermarket product to void a warrenty and
refuse work because of the product they were supposed to supply the
correct item free of charge. I.E., if the colder spark plug is found in
an engine and the dealer says this voids warrenty they have to supply
the proper plugs free of charge. I'm not quoting and this is to the best
of my memory. I have seen this posted on various websites in the past.
Unless someone beats me to it I'll
post later when I find. I think it has something to do with the name
"Magnuson" or something along those lines.

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> Uhhhhh...yeah....riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
> Been using K&N filters since my first motorcycle in Highschool (1984).

> NEVER had any problems with "dirt" ruining the engine from the air
> filter. Did suck a Fram (POS) filter into the ProJection system on my

> old Camaro though.
> - Bernd
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> K&N does cover their product, just not the damage you are doing to
> your engine by running it.
> Using a K&N air filter may give you a minimal hp increase in the short

> term, but will decrease your hp in the long term. K&N filters are
> only about 90% efficient at filtering the intake air. Your stock
> paper filter is about 99% efficient. This means that while the K&N
> may let 5% more air through, it is letting 10X as much dirt through.
> Think about what all that extra dirt is doing to your cylinder walls.
> K&N filters were designed for race engines that get rebuilt on a
> regular basis. They are designed for high airflow and to hopefully
> filter the big stuff. They were never designed for everyday use.
> If people want to run them, great. Just make sure it is an informed
> decision.
> Ted

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