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Find a dealer that isn't going to be a "rear-end". I've had a K&N on my
'96 right from the start. During my 7yr extended warranty, my dealership
service department never once questioned any service work due to my numerous
engine modifications. I'm sure they could have if they really wanted to,
but they used something lacking in todays society, "common sense". On my
fourth transmission replacement (under warranty), they even installed my
Centerforce clutch without question, or charging me a penny.

Oh, and as far as the K&N causing damage? My cylinder walls look like new.
If you don't want to cause any engine damage, don't run the engine.

Each dealership is going to be different. I guess the best way to purchase
a vehicle would be to find out how they service their vehicles and treat
their customers beforehand.
Rich - Ashburn, VA

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I heard that a properly oiled K&N was better filtration than a paper filter.
I also heard that at least 1 dealer will not warranty engine work if a K&N
is used. Can we really find out the truth?
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> K&N does cover their product, just not the damage you are doing to your
> engine by running it.
> Using a K&N air filter may give you a minimal hp increase in the short
> but will decrease your hp in the long term. K&N filters are only about
> efficient at filtering the intake air. Your stock paper filter is about
> efficient. This means that while the K&N may let 5% more air through, it
> letting 10X as much dirt through. Think about what all that extra dirt is
> doing to your cylinder walls.
> K&N filters were designed for race engines that get rebuilt on a regular
> basis. They are designed for high airflow and to hopefully filter the big
> stuff. They were never designed for everyday use.
> If people want to run them, great. Just make sure it is an informed
> decision.
> Ted
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> Folks-
> Every once on a while, you end up doing business with a company
> that just does things RIGHT.
> Three years ago, I put a K&N Gen2 FIPK on my Dak. About a year
> ago, I started noticing hairline cracks in a few places --
> above/around the ring that meets the TB surface, and again
> around the bolt hole. I sealed them with low-temp hot glue, just
> to keep the unfiltered air out. Last Sunday, When I decided it
> was time to clean the filter, I noticed that the crack around
> the bolt hole had become a full-fledged break, almost half-way
> aroung the bolt.
> Sunday night, I posted a message to K&N's website
> ( explaining the situation. Monday, I got an
> email from one of their tech support folks, explaining that
> they'd need to see either pictures of the unit installed in my
> truck, or proof of purchase. I scanned my receipt, attached it
> to an email, and sent it to them.
> (Their IT department has a spam-filter that does lexical scans,
> and it triggered on mine, so keep in mind that my email was
> delayed for a full day.)
> Today at 3:15pm Mountain Time, Brown showed up with a brand
> spanking new plenum. I know, I know -- it's what the warranty
> *says* they'll do, but it's so gatt-dang surprising and
> refreshing when you find out they weren't lying, and that they
> were downright ANXIOUS to honor their warranty and stand behind
> their product. Quickly. No muss, no fuss.
> Customer for life, folks. K&N Engineering -- _highly_
> recommended.
> --
> Grady Ogburn (Denver, AIM: JGradyO)
> Black '98 Sport CC 4x4 5.2l, 5 Speed, 3.55 LSD
> K&N GenII, MP TB, JET II, MSD 6A, Magnecor 8.5 Wires
> Mesa Headers & Cat, Gibson/MagnaFlow 3" Exhaust
> Leer Topper

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