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Date: Fri Oct 10 2003 - 12:47:27 EDT

"Wisotzkey, Rich" <> wrote:

: Find a dealer that isn't going to be a "rear-end". I've had a K&N on my
: '96 right from the start. During my 7yr extended warranty, my dealership
: service department never once questioned any service work due to my numerous
: engine modifications. I'm sure they could have if they really wanted to,
: but they used something lacking in todays society, "common sense". On my
: fourth transmission replacement (under warranty), they even installed my
: Centerforce clutch without question, or charging me a penny.

   Yep, find a good dealer (easier said than done sometimes) and stick
with 'em. :-) Mine has been very good. I ordered my '96 Dak new
through them and bought my '92 Ram (used) from them, though I'm not
sure that the sales and service departments have too many ties. The
service manager seems pretty decent, as is the sales guy I used both
times I purchased vehicles from them.

  Back when I bent 3 valves due to a mis-shift (on the drag strip,
although I didn't provide the location or activity I was engaged in
at the time and fortunately the dealer didn't ask) ;-) I had the
following "obvious mods" in place on the truck: Ram-air hood, K&N
open element air cleaner, MP PCM, ported and polished throttle body,
MPI intake, headers, Y pipe, exhaust, no cat and chrome valve
covers intended for an LA engine (5 bolts each instead of the 10
used on Magnum valve covers)

   They took the engine apart enough to replace the valves, so they
had it down to the short block; they removed and replaced the MPI
intake, headers, throttle body, all that other aftermarket and modified
stuff. When I got the truck back, I discovered that they had even
installed little tabs on the valve cover hold-down bolts to help
the 5 bolt valve covers get a better seal. I paid my $50 deductable
and they covered everything under warranty.

  The same place also replaced my diff gears when I tore 'em up at
the strip (another don't ask, don't tell situation) ;-) When I
stopped back in to pick up the truck, the sales guy was walking
by and cracked a joke about "hole shots". :-)

   So, over all, I have had a great experience with these folks.
This is the same place that fixed the Adam Blaster's truck after
the 2002 BBQ. I don't know all the details about that, and the
truck wasn't under warranty, but as far as I know they seemed
take care of him pretty well.

   Having a good dealer can make all the difference in the world. :-)


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