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From: Jason Bleazard (
Date: Fri Apr 09 2004 - 10:25:05 EDT

smutpup wrote:

>Hi! I just traded my jeep for a 93 dak 5.2 auto 2wd.
Welcome to the list!

> I replaced the ps
>pump&water pump and got it running pretty good, but I'm having an electrical
92-95 Dakotas are notorious for developing one electrical problem in

While the symptoms don't sound exactly like what you're seeing, it might
be a good place to start. I guess you've already ruled out ovbious
things like a bad battery, bad connections at the battery, etc.?

>or anybody have a
>good wiring diagram-haynes manual is a joke.
The factory service manual is much better. You can get one at <>

> also, what are the breakdown
>years for the different generations.
'97-04 are gen III, and 2005 will start gen IV. There's some debate as
to exactly when gen II began, whether it was in '91 with the body style
change or in '92 with the introduction of the Magnum engines. Most
people put it at '91. In any case, your '93 is a gen II.

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