Need Some Help

From: smutpup (
Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 21:08:51 EDT

Hi! I just traded my jeep for a 93 dak 5.2 auto 2wd. I replaced the ps
pump&water pump and got it running pretty good, but I'm having an electrical
problem. with the truck running,and the lights are on, the guages go
nuts(voltmeter &tach drop down and the gas guage and temp reads high, but
low fuel indicator light works normally)the dash lights go off,except the
turn signal indicators&high beam indicator. turning the turn signals on
makes the guages jump up and down with the turn signals. problem comes and
goes, but seems to be more there than not. also. if i turn the ignition
switch on with engine off, i can faintly see the turn signal and high beam
indicator dimly lit. i suspect a bad ground or short somewhere, but don't
have a clue where to start looking. any words of wisdom? or anybody have a
good wiring diagram-haynes manual is a joke. also, what are the breakdown
years for the different generations. thanks.

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