Re: Dear Mr. Maskalans--> REAL Road trip

From: Mr. Plow (
Date: Mon Apr 12 2004 - 13:45:24 EDT

Well, no real motivation actually, other than i haven't taken a decent road
trip in a couple of years. :)
I've got a friend in Edmonton, so i'll pick her up on the way to
Yellowknife, with a brief rest there. It's about 3 days to Edmonton, then
another 16 hours up to Yellowknife.
Fun fun fun!!!

I'm currently debating whether or not to buy and take a 2nd spare tire with
me on the trip. I've heard the roads are kinda killer up there with nasty
pointy rocks that are "pretending" to be gravel. hehe
I'm definitely going to be taking the roofrack off the Cherokee, and getting
one of those trailer-hitch carrier things. (Kinda looks like a shelf
sticking out of the trailer hitch...)
I figure that will be somewhat better for aerodynamics. That roofrack acts
like a big fin in the winds, i can feel it pulling on the highway...

The Adam Blaster
Two words, figure it out.....

>You scare me Adam.
>Lemme know when you'll be passign through Chicago and I'll see if I can
>swing down and meet up with ya. DOn't have to answer this - but I gotta
>ask - whats the motivation behind a 5800 mile round trip? That would be
>pushing my driving ability to the max!

>Terrible Tom --

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