RE: 35x12.50r15 BFG MT's

From: Mr. Plow (
Date: Mon Apr 12 2004 - 14:02:32 EDT

Dude, as impressed as i am with the fact that you are interested in going to
a "real" tire (hehe) i can't see those fitting on your Dak and you still
being able to drive it....
As soon as you hit a bump in the road the tire is going to be forced up
through your fenderwell.
That's not even talking about going off-road with them on. You'd have no
fenders left at all after a few nice bounces. ;)

The Adam Blaster
Two words, figure it out.....

>From: Barry <>
>To: dakota-truck <>
>Subject: DML: 35x12.50r15 BFG MT's
>Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 09:27:11 -0500
>Hey list, got a foolish question for you.
>First, the background:
> As many of you know, I am currently running 325/60r15 BFG AT's which is
>a 31x13.50r15 in conventional notation, on my stock Gen3. With no lift or
>even so much as a torsion bar crank, I only have minimal rubbing on the
>front framerails, at full lock. So far I have 35k on these tires, and they
>are only down to 11/32 [from 19] tread depth.
>Now the Quandry:
> My local tire shop has a set of 35x12.50r15 take-offs [3 miles or so]
>that they Reeeely want to get rid of. I am going in there later on with my
>spare rim to see if there's even a chance that these will fit the
>measuring tape says I will have an inch or two to spare, heh, heh,heh. The
>deal is $140 each, out the door, mounted, balanced and all [which works out
>to like $112 a tire, but I doubt I could actually cash and carry them for
>The question:
> IIRC there is at least one person on the list running 33x12.50's How
>much room do you have? What are the mounted dimensions of your tires?
>Mike, what are the mounted dimensions of those Yoko tires you are running?
>These tires measure 9" at the sidewall, 34" high and 10-1/2" wide,
>unmounted. I am guessing I will gain at least 1/2" mounted. A little rub
>dosen't bother me, but if they don't fit (I'm guessing I will at least have
>to take off my mud flaps, depending on how they sit) I am going to open
>this deal up to the list, and will do whatever I can to facilitate this
> -Barry

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