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AWith 3.92 , 31x10.5x15 are pretty much the norm, 235/75/15 are a pretty
norm tire for 3.55(GenIIs) Performance wise you will see a decrease in take
off power/torque at the rear wheels vy changing the tire size larger. Its
as if you stayed at 235 and changed your gears to 2.7x's

check out and use some of their little calculators and
charts to get a better understanding of whats happens when you change your

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> I have got a question involving tire sizes. Currently I'm running
> Bridgestone Dueler A/T's 235/75/15 and am looking at getting some new
> for the truck. I have 3.92 gears and was wondering if I would gain or lose
> much if I switched up to 31x10.5R15's over the 235's. Also looking for
> opinions on tires. I heard a lot of good things on the list about Revo's
> but the difference between the two sizes is about $20 on tirerack. I had
> got a good discount from Patrick when he worked at Firestone and now that
> he no longer works there got to pay the full price. Thanks for the input.
> -Matt Grose
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