Re: Aftermarket driving or fog lights? Or factory?

From: David Gersic (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2006 - 20:55:58 EST

On Wednesday 20 December 2006 04:57 am, Jason Bleazard wrote:
> David Gersic wrote:
> > Where did the factory put the foglamp switch on the dash?
> I can't offer any help with the aftermarket questions, but the factory
> fog lamp switch is integral with the headlight switch.

Same setup as my wife's Caravan, then.

> wouldn't be surprised if they all used the same switch assembly and just
> didn't hook anything up to the fog light position on trucks without
> them. Don't pull too hard trying it out, just in case :-).

Nope, different headlamp switch, no pull out function. Looks about the same. I
guess I'll either have to try to dig up a used one, or find a place to mount
a toggle that won't look stupid.

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