Re: RE: Jeep Liberty

From: Terrible Tom (
Date: Tue Jan 16 2007 - 20:56:31 EST

Gabriel A. Couriel wrote:
> i've heard nothing but good things about them. the diesel is no longer
> available, so you are going to have to settle for a gas unit (unless you get
> one used).

They dumped the diesel? Damn... thats not cool. The Big Three have
been fighting to get over the stigma that diesels have, ever since the
dark, sooty, loud clattering days of the 80s diesels. The fact the
diesel fuel sells for more than gasoline doesn't help matters either.
Regardless of the fact that diesels get better fuel economy, helping to
offset the current higher price.

This just after I read recently that there (I think it was ford and GM)
is a big push coming up to get people intrested in diesels again.

I guess us americans just love our rumbling V8 gas guzzlers more than we
want economy and efficency (shrugs)

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