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Date: Wed Mar 24 2010 - 19:09:12 EDT

They may have been standard on the "newer" 3.9Ls, but they were NEVER
standard on any of the 5.2L or 5.9L Magnum motors. Not sure what the
difference was with the 3.9L compared to the V8s though as to why they only
put them on the V6s. And while the oil filter may catch them, depending on
the filter, when the bypass valve opens, then it's not filtering anything,
and could even partially block the pick up screen. But hey, it's your
motor, if you want to run them, then put one on.

brian cropp
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> > Every engine builder I've ever talked to has said not to use the
> > tensioner,
> > especially if you are using a high quality timing chain set because they
> > are
> > not needed. I bought one for my truck when I had my motor built up, and
> > the
> > guy said to throw it away because they are junk and as they wear out,
> the
> > stuff gets into the oil then gets circulated around the motor.
> >
> > brian cropp
> While I also believe a tensioner is not *necessary* with a new, high
> quality
> timing chain, it may be worth noting that they are standard equipment on
> newer magnum well as a multitude of other engines from
> Chrysler and other manufacturers.
> I would however disagree with your guy who says they are "junk" (see
> previous sentence) and I don't believe for a moment that anything wearing
> off a tensioner (nylon/Teflon?) is going to get "circulated around the
> motor". That's what oil filters are designed to prevent. :)
> Ray
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