Jeep repair update

From: Don (
Date: Fri Aug 27 2010 - 20:11:12 EDT

So a while back I mentioned I was picking up a Jeep XJ with front end
damage. Finally got it over to my place and started tinkering. The
damage isn't really all that bad. The pictures tell the story (link
below). It's been sitting a couple years and won't start, but I think
it's either plug gap, coil, or distributor (I haven't investigated...
except to find I'm getting fuel flow and weak spark). I should get it
roadworthy with little problem.

Don in CT
89 Dak Vert 318 NV3500 4x4
74 Dart Sport 340
98 Jeep ZJ
98 Jeep XJ
81 Kawasaki KZ440

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