Re: RE: 2nd water pump, 130k

From: Josh Battles (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2011 - 19:33:18 EST

On Jan 22, 2011 3:37 PM, "Ray Block" <> wrote:
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> > It had some old crudded up claps on it when I got it. I've had issues
> > with more than one "cut to fit" lower rad hose that didn't quite "cut to
> > fit" properly too.
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> Interesting, because I tried to find a new lower radiator hose for my 5.2
> and none, I repeat, none, from any auto parts store (any!) were formed to
> fit the way the original was and none included the internal wire (spring?)
> of the original. I found that all aftermarket brands of lower radiator
> hoses were identical! I finally gave up and bought one from my friendly
> Dodge dealer. Fit perfectly AND came with the internal wire. Had it
> I would have cleaned and reused the original wire/spring.

I bought a lower radiator hose from napa for my 2k v6 and it was formed
identical to the oe hose and it had the spring too. Maybe they changed that
in the past few years?

- Josh

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