Re: HD to HD test?

From: Barry Oliver (
Date: Mon Jun 13 2011 - 18:44:07 EDT

On 6/12/2011 9:25 PM, ffastje wrote:
> On 6/12/2011 9:08 PM, Andy Levy wrote:
>> On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 21:40, Barry
>> Oliver<> wrote:
>>> I just watched these videos, and what they seem to say is Dodge
>>> sucks. All
>>> of the tests have Dodge coming in 3rd to either Chebby or Ferd. As
>>> with
>>> most things I am sure there are things that they aren't showing, but
>>> on the
>>> surface...
>>> I'm kinda depressed right now..
>> I'm sure that despite being posted on, it's completely,
>> unequivocally, absolutely, 100% unbiased.

Yeah, I know, I watched them and I was able to pick out gobs of
inconsistencies [like the fact they didn't even test the ram on the
frame flex, and they made believe the ram was underpowered on the
passing test when by showing clips of the ford...] but what depresses me
is the shrrple will believe it. which may mean lower sales for RAM
which will lead to cutbacks, etc...

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