2nd Gen Intermittent Wipers issue

From: mailinglists@moparhowto.com
Date: Thu Jun 16 2011 - 17:12:04 EDT

Hello folks,

I'm having some intermittent-wiper weirdness issues on my '95 Dakota.
The wipers when put in intermittent mode are delayed properly (mostly)
but when wiping it wipes 2-3 times before shutting off instead of just a
single wipe. I see in the FSM that there's an intermittent wipe module
under the panel to the right of the steering wheel, but I don't see a
part listing for it on either Napa's website or Rockauto.

Anyone know of a way to just fix it or am I in for some dealership
reaming of my wallet for the part or taking a risk with a boneyard part?



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