From: Jamie C (jamie12ga@gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jun 15 2011 - 21:12:27 EDT

I'm rebuilding '96 318 and I was about to put the exhaust manifold on when
something pulled me to the computer to search up header prices...
I have a 2bbl M1 intake (cause I got it cheap), a Hughes Engines cam that
slightly hotter then stock...enough to require double springs, a ported TB,
stock heads, stock exhaust.
Are headers worth it for this build?
Are cheap Pacesetter headers worth it and better then the stock manifolds?
Or should I stay away from the $200 Pacesetters and stick with stock (can't
do more then $200).

I had Mopar Performance headers on my '93 when I did that build. Those were
some nice units but everything got so hot even with the Jethot Ceramic
coating. I guess the Pacesetter will heat up the engine bay pretty good
too, right?
Thanks for any help,

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