Re: Oil Dipstick tube replacement

Date: Mon Sep 26 2011 - 20:50:13 EDT

Dipstick tube does not go all the way down into the pan. The dipstick does.
Dont think you are going to get that tube hammered down into the pan without a
lot of effort. If I remember the tube has a stop on it - or will bottom out in
the block. - To prevent it from going in too far. Either try to tweak the tube
with an all, or a punch and then get a grip on it with a pair give grips and
get it out (heating the area around the dipstick tube with a propane torch
might help bust it loose - otherwise you might just have to drop the pan.

Best way to drop the pan in a 4x4 Dak is to drop the front differential out vs
trying to pull the motor up and risk damaging motor/trans mounts.

Once you have the pan down - hammer the tube up from the bottom...

Once the tube is replaced, take this opperunity to sand down the entire oil
pan, apply 5 coats primer, 5 coats black high heat engine paint, and 20 coats
clear... replace Bling Pan with new gasket, bolt everything back in...

terrible "iliketopaintoilpans" tom

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<>, (Josh Battles) writes:
> On Sep 25, 2011 5:22 PM, "Chris Reck" <> wrote:
> >
> >
> > I had forgotten you had one, so I found a new OEM dipstick and tube for
> > $20 from a Mopar parts site.
> >
> > Since the Dipstick goes into the pan, I should be able to take a tube or
> > bolt of the same size and from the inside of the pan, gently pound it up
> > and out.
> >
> > Shouldn't be any tricks on dropping the pan, and I have a set of gaskets.
> >
> > Should I replace / check anything since the pan is dropped?
> Depends on your motor and goals. You could replace the oil pump, main
> bearings, crank scraper, windage tray......
> - Josh "ilovespendingotherpeoplesmoney" Battles

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