Re: Oil Dipstick tube replacement

From: Chris Reck (
Date: Mon Sep 26 2011 - 21:58:24 EDT

So if I paint the pan the way you state, it would be the nicest thing in
the truck aside from the Gibson Ceramic headers and my custom PVC Pipe
K&N Air intake...

I'll try the two-notch/screwdriver first, then drive a nail along side
part way to break the rust seal and pull it out.

Will know tomorrow...

Chris Reck
Naperville, IL

>> '99 Dakota Sport + CC 4x4 V6 (Deep Amethyst) wrote in news:j5r6k5$kbh$

> > Dipstick tube does not go all the way down into the pan. The dipstick > does. Dont think you are going to get that tube hammered down into the > pan without a lot of effort. If I remember the tube has a stop on > it - or will bottom out in the block. - To prevent it from going in > too far. Either try to tweak the tube with an all, or a punch and > then get a grip on it with a pair give grips and get it out (heating > the area around the dipstick tube with a propane torch might help bust > it loose - otherwise you might just have to drop the pan. > > Best way to drop the pan in a 4x4 Dak is to drop the front > differential out vs trying to pull the motor up and risk damaging > motor/trans mounts. > > Once you have the pan down - hammer the tube up from the bottom... > > Once the tube is replaced, take this opperunity to sand down the > entire oil pan, apply 5 coats primer, 5 coats black high heat engine > paint, and 20 coats clear... replace Bling Pan with new gasket, bolt > everything back in... > > > terrible "iliketopaintoilpans" tom > > In article > <>, > (Josh Battles) writes: >> >> >> On Sep 25, 2011 5:22 PM, "Chris Reck" <> wrote: >> > >> > >> > I had forgotten you had one, so I found a new OEM dipstick and tube >> > for $20 from a Mopar parts site. >> > >> > Since the Dipstick goes into the pan, I should be able to take a >> > tube or bolt of the same size and from the inside of the pan, >> > gently pound it up and out. >> > >> > Shouldn't be any tricks on dropping the pan, and I have a set of >> > gaskets. >> > >> > Should I replace / check anything since the pan is dropped? >> >> Depends on your motor and goals. You could replace the oil pump, main >> bearings, crank scraper, windage tray...... >> >> - Josh "ilovespendingotherpeoplesmoney" Battles >> > >

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