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From: Josh Battles (
Date: Mon Oct 17 2011 - 22:13:10 EDT

On Oct 17, 2011 7:36 PM, "Barry Oliver" <> wrote:
> Azie L. Magnusson wrote:
>> I'm contemplating installing a 3.0L V6 that came out of a 1991 Dodge
Spirit into a Mitsubshi Mighty Max pickup or a Dodge D50(same trucks). Both
had a 2.0L 4cyl stock. Anyone know if there was ever a standard shift rear
wheel drive bellhousing made for the 3.0L?? If yes, then what vehicles &
what years?? Anyone know if by chance the 4cyl & the 3.0L had the same
engine/bellhousing bolt pattern. That would make it very NICE & SIMPLE. I
like nice & simple.. Estimate or educated guess is OK!!
>> Don't worry about old age-
>> it doesn't last that long....
>> Azie
> The Spirit is a Front wheel drive, and all of the mounts, accessories,
exhaust and headers reflect the fact it is mounted sideways and on top of
the tranny. It would be easier to grab the whole mess, engine, tranny, and
front suspension and convert it to a front wheel drive truck. It is do-able
but your fabrication skills better be up there with Mike's...

I get what you're saying but mitsu used that 3L V6 in tons of stuff. I bet
they put it in the trucks of the same era. You may want to check the
turbododge sites as well as the mitsu ones. I bet there's a a trans with the
right bellhousing out there. And if you're going for the fabrication trophy
you could machine your own adapter and use whatever trans you like.

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