Power steering stop leak

From: Jason Bleazard (jason.dml@bleazard.net)
Date: Tue Oct 18 2011 - 10:58:10 EDT

I've found a bunch of stuff in the store advertising itself as magic
stop-leak cures for the power steering system. I'm going to replace the
hoses, but they're going to take a while to get here in the mail and in
the mean time I'm wondering if I should add any of this stuff. Does it
work? Does it gum up the pump and steering gear? Is any brand in
particular any better or worse? What's worse, adding magic "stop leak" or
letting the pump run dry?

When I was adding fluid once a week I wasn't too worried. Every couple
of days was starting to get my attention. Yesterday I had to top it up in
the morning before heading to work, and it was already howling before I
got home at night (round trip is around 55 miles).


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