Re: Power steering stop leak

From: BOBBY (
Date: Tue Oct 18 2011 - 21:46:46 EDT

Somewhere I've missed the year of this truck. When I did my front
end...(98) I replaced everything. Rack, rack bushings, pump and both

I don't have the bills at my finger tips, but the pressure side with the
two fittings came from my nappa dealer and the hose with the fitting on
one side and the clamp on the other came from the dealer. I'm thinking
that the two of them together weren't anywhere near that.... 150.00 tops

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 9:21 PM, wrote:

> Most shops charge customers list for parts. Its not nice, but its
> unfortunately the way its done. However some only charge a percentage
> above
> their cost on the parts. The hoses range from 47-65 through Napa
> locally...
> depending on truck package. List prices are generally twice regular
> walk in
> cost. If they are sourcing the hoses from a Dodge dealer... I can
> easily see
> the hoses going out the door shop cost $100-$125 each... double that -
> $250 a
> hose, times two - there is your $500 bucks.
> Too bad you guys are half a continent away... you know you can always
> count on
> me to turn some wrenches for a case or two of Molson :)
> --
> terribletom
>>> I've got a ways to go before I hit Canadian Tire's quote of over
>>> $500 though (yes five hundred just for two hoses, labor is extra).
>> Seriously?
>> I will drive there and change them for you in your driveway tomorrow
>> for
> $450. That's so far beyond insanity it is incomprehensable. Do people
> really
> spend that sort of money for simple repairs??
>> (more importantly are you sure it's the hoses?)
>> --
>> Michael Maskalans
>> Rochester NY

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