Power steering parts (was: stop leak)

From: Jason Bleazard (jason.dml@bleazard.net)
Date: Tue Oct 18 2011 - 18:34:06 EDT

On Tue, 18 Oct 2011, Michael Maskalans wrote:
> On 18-Oct, 2011, at 13:29 , Jason Bleazard wrote:
>> I've got a ways to go before I hit Canadian Tire's quote of over $500
>> though (yes five hundred just for two hoses, labor is extra).
> Seriously?
> I will drive there and change them for you in your driveway tomorrow for
> $450.

Does that include parts? I have to work tomorrow, how's Saturday? :-)

> That's so far beyond insanity it is incomprehensable. Do people really
> spend that sort of money for simple repairs??

In Canada they do. I find the markup on auto parts is often triple the
price for an identical part (for instance, the fuel pump I got in NY for
$80 was priced at $250 in Ontario). It varies of course, but 3x is a good
place to start.

What's weird is that electronics and computer parts are slightly cheaper
here (taxes notwithstanding). I think the enviro weenies that run the
government are trying to make it as painful as possible to own cars so
people will get rid of them. Like how the Utah legislature treats

> (more importantly are you sure it's the hoses?)

That's what the mechanic at Canadian Tire said. I haven't been able to
zero in on the source location myself, but I also haven't spent any time
taking things apart to get a better look. CT has a pretty bad reputation
in general, but I've found a particular location that seems to have a
fairly decent idea what they're doing. They aren't necessarily top notch,
but they are competent, and considerably less expensive than the
dealership for routine maintenance.

I have the estimate at home. They said they didn't carry those parts, and
they were only available from the dealership parts department. From
memory, it was something like $260 for one hose, $240 for the other, and
$275 for labor.

I haven't had much luck tracking down the Mopar part numbers online, but
Wyckoff has the pressure hose for $135.00 and three different options for
the return hose, one at $82.35 and two of them listed at $153.90. I'm not
sure what the difference is. (For a 2001 4.7 4x4 with the aux cooler.)

Rock Auto has AC Delco parts. The pressure hose lists at $43.89 and a
cut-to-fit return hose for $11.58. I like those prices a lot more. I
suppose I'd better get those in the mail as soon as I can, I'll probably
start there and see what happens.

Jason Bleazard  Burlington, Ontario
'01 Dakota Sport 4x4, 4.7 V8, Auto, Quad Cab, black

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