Re: Power steering stop leak

Date: Tue Oct 18 2011 - 21:21:54 EDT

Most shops charge customers list for parts. Its not nice, but its
unfortunately the way its done. However some only charge a percentage above
their cost on the parts. The hoses range from 47-65 through Napa locally...
depending on truck package. List prices are generally twice regular walk in
cost. If they are sourcing the hoses from a Dodge dealer... I can easily see
the hoses going out the door shop cost $100-$125 each... double that - $250 a
hose, times two - there is your $500 bucks.

Too bad you guys are half a continent away... you know you can always count on
me to turn some wrenches for a case or two of Molson :)


> > > I've got a ways to go before I hit Canadian Tire's quote of over > > $500 though (yes five hundred just for two hoses, labor is extra). > > Seriously? > > I will drive there and change them for you in your driveway tomorrow for $450. That's so far beyond insanity it is incomprehensable. Do people really spend that sort of money for simple repairs?? > > (more importantly are you sure it's the hoses?) > -- > Michael Maskalans > Rochester NY >

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