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From: M.B. (
Date: Fri Jun 22 2012 - 05:02:10 EDT

Yup, my Dad has two of those and I'm sure it makes it safer. I didn't
bother using it as I wasn't going under the truck and I only lifted it
as high as it was in the pic since all I was doing was swapping axles,
which is pretty simple on a 2nd gen. I wish all cars had them bolt in
at both ends instead of being splined into the differential. Soooo much

When I get her higher to do the exhaust I'll definitely use the stands.
Gotta install my rear swaybar first though to make sure the Gibson
exhaust will clear it.

On 6/21/2012 10:16 AM, wrote:
> If I am going to have a vehicle up on the lift for more than a few
> minutes or if I'm going to be hammering on it or putting some torque
> on fasteners, I have four safety stands that I put under the vehicle.
> I put one at each corner of the vehicle - they take part of the weight
> and make the vehicle rock solid. Each stand can support 4,000lbs so
> there is a pretty high safety margin, considering my lift itself is
> rated for 9,000lbs. I got 'em from Harbor Freight - the price isn't
> too bad considering the peace of mind they provide:

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